Advisory Board

William Auerbach
President and CEO
Coaching Right Now
Chicago, IL

Dr. Marjorie Fujara, MD
Board Certified Pediatrician
Chicago, IL

Erwin McEwen
Senior Strategic Consultant
Casey Family Program
Chicago, IL

Anita Shannon
Senior Director, Strategic Consulting
Casey Family Programs

Margaret Williams 
Maryland Family Network
Baltimore, MD

Leah Landrum Taylor
Former Senator
Arizona State Senate Capitol Complex
Phoenix, AZ

Mirlene Dossous
Family and Community Engagement Manager
Chicago Public Schools
Chicago, IL

Maria Long
Independent Early Childhood Consultant
Port Orange, FL

Michele Rosenberg
Child and Family Services Agency
Washington, DC 20024

Jill Walton
Accounting Services Manager
Elgin, IL

Alex Burger
Independent Consultant
Johannesburg, South Africa