Birth Parents

Get On The Fast Track

How do we talk about the most critical issues, get the real facts, and make the strongest connections in a safe, nonjudgmental way? Sometimes in order to wake up to our potential and live the protective factors we need to get real first and address our greatest challenges that have the potential to tear our families apart. Be Strong Families listens to parents first when it comes to developing resources and strategies. 

Our Get on the Fast Track to Getting Your Kids Back series includes workshops, booster sessions, and one-on-one coaching support that provides respectful, strengths-based, supportive services for child welfare-involved families. Our trainings are reinforced with printed resources like the Parents’ Get Real Guide to Getting Your Kids Back and the Parents’ Get Real Guide to Keeping Your Kids at Home

This resource is facilitated by former birth parents and it is a three hour Experiential Workshop that assists with identifying and resolving the stress associated with being involved with the child welfare system and provides practical tools and strategies for managing the process successfully.

All workshop attendees receive copies of Get Real resources — written by parents who have had their children taken away by the child welfare system … and gotten them back. Both of these booklets provide parents with 1) strategy, 2) clear information to support that strategy, and 3) emotional and spiritual support to help them do what they need to do.

Shared Parenting 

This training is designed to promote healthy, meaningful and working relationships and partnerships between Birth Parents and Foster Parents who are involved in the Child Welfare System.

  • The objectives of this training are to promote permanency and timely reunification by:
  • Finding commonalities between foster parents and birth parents
  • Promoting peace and collaboration between foster and birth parents
  • Practicing communication skills for challenging conversations
  • Assisting participants in developing empathy and letting go of judgment
  • Developing strategies to work together to benefit children

Aspects of the Peace Circle Process, self reflection and experiential learning via role playing and real life situations assist participants in being open about their fears, hopes and opportunities as a result of this very unique relationship.

This training is co-facilitated by a foster parent and birth parent, who have taken the journey towards forgiveness and understanding in order to bring healing to this very special population.