Build Protective Factors

How can we serve you? 

Be Strong Families is unique because we’re a start up…with a track record. We’ve been implementing the Strengthening Families approach and developing resources based on our years of knowledge and expertise partnering with agencies in building effective parent engagement strategies through the Strengthening Families Illinois initiative.  We’re about mobilizing and educating parents to strengthen their own families and build the Protective Factors.    Building Protective Factors and strengthening our own families is a critical step towards building stronger communities.

If you are a provider working to keep families strong by strengthening families and building the Protective Factors, Be Strong Families is your global resource on parent engagement, parent-provider partnerships, and parent and family development and support

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If you’re a parent or provider interested building protective factors and connecting with like-minded parents across the country, then join our nationwide force for change.   Click here to complete our recruitment form.

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