Parent Café Results / Impact

Be Strong Families/Strengthening Families Illinois has been evaluating Parent Cafés for the past three years and developed a post-event evaluation for parent café participants in collaboration with Tamara Fuller, from the Children and Family Research Center at the University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana and the Strengthening Families Illinois Evaluation Workgroup.  The evaluation measures customer satisfaction with the café itself as well as intent to change behavior based on their participation in the Parent Café in relation to the Protective Factors. As a result of the sharing that takes place in the Parent Café, parents recognize the value (and rich resource) of being in relationships with other parents.  Additionally, the insights garnered through the Parent Café experience aid in building resilience against stressors that threaten to abolish the family unit.   

More than 4,000 parent participants have been included in our evaluation results thus far.  Based on post-event evaluation results received and anecdotal data gathered, Parent Cafés: 

  • Reduce stress / increase peace and well-being
  • Increase parenting knowledge & skills
  • Build protective factors
  • Facilitate meaningful relationships and bonding / community-building
  • Provide opportunities for parent leadership

Café evaluation summaries indicate:  

  • 99% report the café was helpful
  • 98% would recommend Parent Cafés to a friend and family member
  • 97% plan to attend a future café
  • 60% followed through on a commitment from a previous café 
  • Over 85% report an increased awareness / knowledge of the Protective Factors overall as a result of their participation in the café 

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about Parent Café impact and plans for measuring additional outcomes.