The Parent Café Training Institute – Using World Café Process to Advance the Strengthening Families™

The Parent Café Training Institute is about using the World Café process to engage parents and develop leadership skills, build stronger parent-provider partnerships, and educate parents on how to build the protective factors that research says keep families strong (and/or other matters that affect families such as violence, nutrition, and health).

The  Institute is a two-day experiential and highly interactive training that prepares parents and providers to convene and conduct parent cafés and serve as table hosts at parent cafés. Participants learn the basic structure and elements of the World Café process. By the end of the training, participants will know the anatomy of a Parent Café, the philosophical foundations and research underlying Parent Cafés as a parent education and parent engagement strategy, how to create an ambiance conducive to maximizing the effectiveness of the Parent Café process, and how to build on the Parent Café experience to enhance programming for parents.

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