Wake Up! To Your Potential

Imagine your life right now as a mega shopping mall. At times, it seems overwhelmingly large but with plenty of options to explore.  You are HERE, but trying to get THERE—another place in your life.  Be Strong Families can take you where you want to go and Wake Up! To Your Potential is your GPS!

Be Strong Families is committed to keeping children safe and families strong and that pledge begins with YOU going after your dream and reaching your maximum potential.  Our Wake Up to Your Potential offerings will help you become more aware of who you truly are and intentional about the person, parent and leader you want to become!  We will assist you in making your positive attributes work for you as well as break down the roadblocks to your greatest success.

Be Strong Families has developed a curriculum of trainings/ interactive journeys using a combination of cutting-edge tools, techniques and approaches from corporate leadership development and philosophies from the burgeoning life coaching and personal development field.  Wake Up to Your Potential is a transformational journey that is highly interactive and will strengthen your leadership skills at home, at school and in the community.

The Wake Up! To Your Potential Journey is made up of multiple units addressing the following:

Wake Up! To Your Potential: as a Person, as a Parent, as a Leader (3 Hours):

  • Your introduction to the journey; get comfortable in the language and possibilities that will emerge
  • Experience an overview of key concepts that are explored in other Wake Up to Your Potential units

Maximizing Positive Energy to Direct Your Life (6 hours):

  • Learn the principles of Energy and its relationship to a transformed life
  • Learn ways to enhance positive energy and reduce negative energy
  • Begin to build your “A-Team” – your network of champions!

Clarifying Your Vision and Setting and Achieving Your Goals (6 hours):

  • Declare your vision for your life
  • Increase your support network
  • Practice learned techniques for goal setting that works!

Motivate and Inspire Yourself and Others into Action (6 hours):

  • Develop your own personal leadership style
  • Learn effective tools & techniques to resolve conflict
  • Increase your public speaking skills

Find out more about what Wake Up! To Your Potential can do for your staff and parent participants by contacting info@bestrongfamilies.net.