Invest in Families

Welcome to Be Strong Families. We support parents leading the way to create a different society; that values family and supports parents in raising healthy children. We assist all families in strengthening themselves by building protective factors that research says keep families strong and reducing risk factors that threaten their success. We also assist the helping community of service providers to engage families in strengths-based, positive, respectful, and creative ways.

We envision a world of “parenting communities” where everyone living in a community is invested in the safety and strength of its families; where support manifests itself through the local businesses, community service providers, resources, and neighborhoods within it. 

Be Strong Families is about:

  • Getting real about your situation; recognizing your own risk factors, putting a stop to the denial, and taking the hard steps necessary to position yourself and your family for growth.
  • Living the Strengthening Families ™ Protective Factors on a daily basis.  Recognizing their importance and working to strengthen them in our own households.
  • Waking up to your potential; tapping into the bottomless reservoir that is you. Speaking your aspirations and achieving your goals.  There are a lot of ways to increase resilience and self-control, once we recognize our own positive energy and make it work for us, we can deal with stress better and respond in ways to raise us up, instead of tearing us down.

Your support is critical in creating the conversation in communities across the globe and supporting the leadership that will emerge when families take the lead. There is a lot of work to be done to spread the message across the globe and develop new resources that support families in strengthening themselves by getting real, living the protective factors, and waking up to their potential. 

Contact us to find out how you can help in your community to make these ideas a reality by using Be Strong Families resources or by making a tax-deductible donation to Be Strong Families.   

Your contributions help support the development of new resources like Parent Café in a Box Booster Packs or other written resources that bring parent voice and expertise to the forefront, like The Parents’ Get Real Guide to Getting Your Kids Back.    They also support our ability to work with parents and providers across the globe to support the implementation of the Strengthening Families approach and help strengthen family engagement efforts.     Your support also helps us to continue to demonstrate the impact we are making in communities through these community conversations and trainings. 

Monetary donations can be made by clicking here or contact us to discuss the opportunity before you.