Living The Protective Factors Workbook

LPF-WorkbookThe Living the Protective Factors Workbook is an interactive and self-reflective journey. The workbook will assist you in bringing the protective factors into your home and strengthening your family. Protective Factors are the key– intending to build the protective factors in you home is the first step toward building the family of your dreams.

The protective factors are powerful medicine to heal whatever is sick in your family. They are versatile tools to fix whatever is broken. They can also be used like fitness equipment to strengthen whatever is weak. 

This workbook is a companion to the Living the Protective Factors: Journey to Being a Tight, Loving and Fabulously Strong Family Workshop and also to the book, Living the Protective Factors: How Parents Keep Their Children Safe and Families Strong. This workbook contains a 7-week program with daily activities that will help you live the protective factors in your family. 

Everyone does family differently, so this workbook will assist you with making the protective factors your own.