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Parent Cafe in a Box
Parent Café in a Box is a portable, easy-to-use resource to support your local parent engagement efforts. Each box includes a guidebook and 40 question cards (200 total questions) that focus on the five protective factors, which assists in strengthening families.
Dads Parent Cafe in a Box
Dads Cafes give dads safe opportunities to talk to each other about who and how they want to be a father. Dads Parent Cafe in a box: provides the foundation for hosting Dads Cafes or cafes with fatherhood involvement themes, complements Parent Cafe in a Box, comes with a full deck of bilingual (English/Spanish) cards with over 200 questions, and a guide book for running a successful Parent Cafe.
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Living The Protective Factors
The protective factors can assist you—not only as a framework, guideline, or information living in your head—but in your day to day life. This book breaks it down—showing how you can awaken to your potential as a parent by living the protective factors! Includes activities, questions for reflection, and more.
LivingThe Protective Factors Workbook
A 7-week self-study program that parents can complete at home. It contains activities that teach parents about the Protective Factors-while they’re building them.
Viviendo Los Factores de Proteccion
Este es un programa de auto-estudio que los papás pueden hacer en casa. Este libro/cuaderno contiene actividades que enseñan a los padres acerca de los Factores de Protección, a la vez que los construyen.

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The Get Real Guide To Getting Your Kids Back
Written by parents who have had their children taken away by the child welfare system … and gotten them back. Provides parents with 1) a strategy, 2) clear information to support that strategy, and 3) emotional and spiritual support.
The Get Real Guide To Keeping Your Kids At Home
Once a parent makes it through the process of getting their kids back, they may find that the finish line can be a lonely place. Many parents might feel that there is no one there to support them on their new journey and unsure of what to expect. This guide shares a perspective of understanding about where parents are and some of the challenges that lie ahead.