The Parents’ Get Real Guide To Keeping Your Kids At Home

Screenshot 2013-10-30 at 2Once a parent makes it through the process of getting their kids back, they may find that the finish line can be a lonely place. Many parents might feel that there is no one there to support them on their new journey and unsure of what to expect. 

That’s where The Parents’ Get Real Guide to Keeping Your Kids at Home comes in.    The challenges parents face upon reunification are also opportunities and once you’ve gotten your kids back, you never want to be in the position of having them taken away again. The purpose of this guide is to support parents in keeping their kids at home, staying out of the system, and being a joyful, confident, competent parent working to build a happy, healthy family. 

Written by former birth parents who had their kids taken away by the child welfare system and got them back, thereby, “successfully reunifying,” this guide shares a perspective of understanding about where parents are and some of the challenges that lie ahead.